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Episode 34: The Whale Song

Episode 34: The Whale Song

Episode Notes The End of The Whale Song Festival is finally here! Our friends leave the egg hunt & tried some of those Deviled Egg Candies. Learning they aren't very good candies. They also hear the wonderful song that gives the festival its name. Oh! It looks like two familiar faces have join the festival. Hope they aren't up to anything. If you like our show consider supporting us on Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Heartbeatscast Follow us on Twitter for current updates & to shout at us https://twitter.com/heartbeatscast Maybe check out our community discord full of other wonderful friends! http://discord.gg/2PwRCCf Music Intro/Outro - Rob The Whale Song - Rob Two Crooks - Rob Awesome Call - Kevin MacLeod Loopster - Kevin MacLeod Witch Waltz - Kevin MacLeod Piano Monolog - Kevin MacLeod

Duration: 37 min

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