Will Snyder

The Trials of Jack Tracer (Part 2)

The Trials of Jack Tracer (Part 2)

CONTENT WARNING: The episode, Parts 1 and 2, delves into the subject of mental health and the unfortunate history of ill treatment those living with it can go through. We here at EKP support the proper treatment of mental health and if you or someone you know are struggling, please reach out. Thank youTRIGGER WARNING: Misrepresentation of Mental Health issues, Gun Violence, Loud noises, Death, Depictions of Prison, Foul Language*Neon Nights as a whole is not suitable for minors*Click Here for TranscriptCo-Created by Will Snyder and Rachel CraigAn Evil Kitten ProductionWritten by Will SnyderSound Design/Editing By Will SnyderTheme Song by Daniel CarlAdditional Music by Kevin McLeodJack Tracer - Will SnyderDr. Salem - Abbie WarhusLenny - Aaron SarkaSam Marlowe - Michael JonesAngel - Chris SylvieOrderly - David BennettNarration - John Patrick WencelLike us on FacebookFollow us on TwitterBECOME A PATRON!PLEASE LEAVE A 5 STAR RATING AND A REVIEW!Thank you See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

Duration: 30 min

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