Shannah Boiteau

Shannah Boiteau

22-year-old Shannah Boiteau was last seen on June 22, 2016 around 3:00 PM in St. Cloud, MN. Shannah and her boyfriend were driving from Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin to California because Shannah allegedly wanted to see the ocean. She left a note for her family explaining why she was taking this trip. It was on this trip to California that her boyfriend claims that he and Shannah got into an argument. He said that she got out of the car and ran into the woods. This is the last time anyone saw or heard from Shannah Boiteau. She has now been missing for four years and her loved ones are desperate for answers.If anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of Shannah Boiteau please call Chippewa Falls Police Department 715-723-4424.You can follow Shannah’s case on Facebook at Help Find Shannah Boiteau.This episode was co-researched and written by Marissa Jones and Erika Gwynn. To find more of Erika's work, please check out her podcast at https://www.apexandabyss.com.This episode was sponsored by:Sleep Number- You’ll only find Sleep Number at one of their 600 Sleep Number stores nationwide. Visit sleepnumber.com/VANISH find the one nearest you.Best Fiends- Download Best Fiends FREE on the Apple App Store or Google Play.Ritual- Visit Ritual.com/Vanished for 10% off your first 3 months of Essential for Women vitamins.Luminess Air- Go toTrySilk.com/VANISHED to get 60% off your Luminess Silk 4 in 1 Airbrush System.

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