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How to Become an Astronaut

How to Become an Astronaut

How do you become an astronaut? That’s what Tumble listener Margaret wants to know. We go straight to the source to get an answer: A NASA astronaut! Dr. Serena Auñon-Chancellor shares her journey to outer space with us. Starting from being a kid watching shuttle launches, to her school’s Astronaut Club, all the way to NASA’s Astronaut Candidate program, and finally to the International Space Station. Serena also shares the surprising truth about doing science research in space. Join us on her path to the stars! Want to hear more from our interview with Serena about training to become an astronaut? Listen to our special bonus interview episode. It’s available when you pledge just $1/month on Patreon! patreon.com/tumblepodcast We have resources to learn more about Serena and the NASA astronaut training program on the blog on our website, sciencepodcastforkids.com.

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